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国際本部について / International Affairs



Based on Nagoya University's new international strategy, the "Global Multi-Campus (GMC) Initiative," the new International Affairs was established in April 2022 by reorganizing the Institute of International Education and Exchange with the goals of achieving new international development in the new normal era, making the leap to rank among the world's top research universities, and developing an administrative support system that meets the needs of the times.

International Affairs, which includes the International Strategy Office, the International Communications Office, the Global Engagement Center, and the International Language Center, works in close collaboration with the Global Multi-Campus System to support initiatives to internationalize the University.

「グローバル・マルチキャンパス(GMC)構想」とは / Global Multi-Campus Initiative


The GMC concept is to realize efficient, strategic, and sustainable utilization of the university's resources by organically linking the university's accumulated networks with overseas universities and the overseas hubs it has established, and to promote transnational education and research activities at overseas hubs that utilize ICT in the new normal era, thereby laying the foundation for the university to become a research university that ranks with the world. This is a comprehensive initiative that forms the foundation for becoming a world-class research university.

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