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The Global 30 International Programs (G30) are English-taught full degree programs open to international students including Japanese students. For undergraduate G30 programs, students complete a high school abroad or at an international school in Japan. Enrolled students can also take Japanese language courses. Since the first cohort of students entered in October 2011, every year Nagoya University has accepted, on average, 45 undergraduate students to the G30 programs. Over 70 G30 graduate students were enrolled every year in the past four years. The admissions process is managed by the Nagoya University Admissions Division and a specific school.

The G30 program is truly global, with students coming from all six continents (Asia, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania). Although enrollees enter different programs, they also study together during the first and second year of the undergraduate program in the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences. This allows them to expand opportunities for cultural exchange. Nagoya University also offers G30 classes to non-G30 students (NU-EMI). G30 classes are small, with only 10-15 students, interactive, and often discussion-based. This provides non-G30 students, most of whom are Japanese, with opportunities for multicultural exchange, mutual stimulation, and fostering an international mindset.

By cooperating with the Admissions Division, the International Admissions Team supports the recruitment, applications, admissions, enrollment, and administration of G30 students. Along with the Nagoya University China Exchange Center, the Team also supports admissions and administration for students who apply to the “China State Sponsored Postgraduate Study Abroad Program”, implemented by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). These students enter doctoral degree programs at Nagoya University or take part in joint education programs as research students. Finally, the Team also publicizes other non-G30 graduate school international programs and is engaged in planning and supporting student recruitment.

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